Crud Bonemeal

A burly farmhand, now with craggy skin and a slavering maw.


Crud Bonemeal doesn’t remember having any other name. What Crud does recall is an idyllic time in which he was the biggest man on the sheep farm. Crud spent most of his days either training the dogs, eating, or fighting. In time, Crud became the best around at all three. One day, Crud had more to drink than usual at the local pub, and loudly proclaimed that, landholder be damned, he was the one holding up the whole farm. A guttural chuckle seemed to come from a dark corner of the room, but he ignored it as he stumbled out the door.

The next thing Crud remembers is standing under a rock. The rock was pressing down upon him, but when Crud tried to move out from under it, the whole ceiling above him shook and seemed fit to collapse. After what seemed like days, Crud wondered why he hadn’t already collapsed from hunger and fatigue. At that time, a huge shaggy form appeared before Crud. Crud only had eyes for the soup pot in its’ grip, and was all too willing when the creature proposed a trade; one bite, for a bite. As Crud drank greedily from the pot, he noticed the slavering maw on the creature, and realized the mistake he had made.

That soup pot was the only food Crud had while he was under that rock, and the deal was always the same. Crud never imagined he’d learn how to hold up a weight like that with only one arm, or one leg, as one limb or the other was devoured. His wounds never bled, though, and the flesh came back quickly. His new flesh was drawn from the rocks around him, and retained some of its texture.

One day, Crud noticed two spots appear in his vision, around the level of his nose on either side. After another few meals, Crud realized why the creature had never bitten from his mouth; Crud was growing a set of fangs to rival those of the creature itself. Crud began, in his slow way, to devise a new twist on the food pledge.

Some time later, Crud remembers running through an impossible thicket while something monstrous pursued him. Others were running with him, and most made it through a gap that lead into something like what Crud remembered once living in. The creature was unable to follow, and once his breathing slowed Crud noticed something important; he was hungry. Crud’s new companions seemed to have some idea as to where the food was, and, if they were wrong… well, Crud would eat anyway.

Crud Bonemeal

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