Heather Vain

Heather is Eleanor Vanderbelle's second in command.


Heather is Eleanor Vanderbelle’s second in command and is currently working towards Eleanor’s take over as Prince of the city. Why Heather is working for Eleanor remains a mystery, as does much about Heather herself.

At this point it has not been revealed who Heather was when she was alive or what her ultimate plans are now that she is dead. What is known about her is that she is considered extrodinarily powerful, possibly more powerful than Eleanor herself. Heather herself makes other vampires uncomfortable. When questioned, they are unable to tell you why, but simply describe her as “creepy.”

Heather herself is tall, blonde, and has the distinct pale beauty common among vampires. Her bearing is haughty and she is hard to approach at the best of times.

Heather Vain

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